As a part of my final year in University I was required to undertake a final year research and development Project. It involved developing and hosting a unique student carpooling web application, using the Laravel PHP Framework, HTML, CSS, Sequel Pro, JavaScript, JQuery, Vuex and Algolia.

Strict deadlines with monthly requirements had to be completed throughout the year. Such deadlines include; Attending weekly group meetings with an assigned mentor, crafting a thorough and well researched Business Plan, Paper Prototyping, Wire framing of the system and development of a working system. For this project I developed and hosted a student carpooling web application.

Business Plan

Unipool is a web application whose main goal is to transport students from college to their homes in the safest, cheapest and fastest way possible. It eliminates overpriced public transport and hours of travel. Unipool will get students from A to B hassle free as posting, interaction, pick up location and messaging are included within the one site. With Unipool, University students can see other University students traveling to their hometown at the weekends and have the ability to request a lift for a selected price.

The Business Plan created for Unipool included researched content such as; Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Scope, Technical and Design Specifications, Benefits and Problems.

User Profiles

Extensive research was required, before the development phase of the project was initiated. This ensured there was a demand for the application and gave an insight into the users demands. Below are illustrations of a survey sent out to students, along with two user profiles discussing an average traveling week and the pain points associated with it.


Prototypes of the project were created before any development began, so as to visualise the site while coding the project. This helped organize and reduce the time spent coding as it was clear how the project functioned, and what the end result should look like.

Final Result

Below are a few screenshots of the finished project and the user interface design that was created.